With over 10+ years experience both in sales and education, we specialize in customized sales training for you and your team. 

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Do you want to exceed your sales goals and grow your income? Are you looking to improve your sales skills and boost your performance? Are you ready to take your company and your team to the next level?


Selling our product means selling ourselves first. We sell ourselves in any context of our life. With customers, suppliers, colleagues, friends, family...

Anyone in your organization would tremendously benefit from this training and would experience the benefits immediately.


Our program has very little theory as it’s mostly hands on. Through play-roles, games, interactions and exercises, the attendees will experience the sales strategies first-hand. This will allow them to learn the techniques on a deeper and unconscious level, becoming part of their natural behavior and use them in any useful context.


The training can be customized according to your company’s needs and schedule. Our key is flexibility and working with your goals.  An effective sales training can range from 4 hours to 20 hours, depending on your goals and budget.


In the comfort of your office, meeting space or a venue of your choice