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Alessia is a great coach! she helped me figure out my plan for the month and steered me in the right direction. I really liked that I got a clear plan of action and most of all I was looking forward to the reward that I was going to give myself after I would complete each task. thank you, Alessia! looking forward to continue working with you! - Natalia S.

Working with Alessia has helped me so much. The NLP techniques she's taught me have been very useful as well as her overall guidance as a coach to help me fine-tune my vision and clarify goals. Highly recommend her services! - Kate P.

The training, mentorship and coaching I’ve received from Step Up Now! has been amazing and it’s absolutely changed my life. Alessia holds you to your best, she’s professional and experienced. She has such positive energy and insight. I highly recommend Alessia as a guide for both personal and professional growth! - Diane D.


The Sales Strategy Training exceeded my expectations. The format was fantastic as it had the entire team engaged. It helped us to learn more about ourselves and one another. Most importantly, it taught us new ways to connect and ultimately sell to our customers. — KD (Sales Regional Manager)

It’s a unique sales training that absolutely complement the other 7% word based sales trainings out there. The playrole component that many sales course do not cover should be advertised more. It is very useful and important - Corey P. (Business Development Manager)

As a small business owner, having a coach was life-changing. I was able to refocus, appreciate my strengths, values and passions. Alessia pushed me to reach the next level, I highly recommend her - John F. (Business Owner)


A lot of useful information that i will be able to use out in the field, thank you! - Heather F

Presenter was great! - Daniel T.

Great course with very useful information that can be adapted to any situation both in business and personal life! - Patricia S